Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh Christmas how I love thee!

I love Christmas and this year was no different! We were so lucky this year and had all of my siblings and their families minus Jake :( But on Christmas Eve at my house we had 25 people! All of my family plus the three Chinese kids (this was their first Christmas ever!) Aunt Andrea Uncle Bobby Andie and her step son. Needless to say it was a FULL house! Ting and my mom made a delicious Chinese feast. There was so much food and it was all so yummy! Then we all gathered in a big circle to have a little Christmas program including reading the Christmas story from the scriptures and singing some hymns. We do this every year to remind us of the reason for Christmas. I'm very grateful for the birth of my Savior and we have the opportunity to celebrate it every year. Well our program this year was a little different... The singing was new to this little program and needless to say the Robert's clan will not be getting a call from a record company anytime soon! We cannot carry a tune for the life of us but it was pretty hilarious, many of us were in tears from laughing so hard! Then we got a nice strip tease from our Vegas showgirl... aka Marlee who is 2.  She decided she didn't want her jammies or diaper on anymore and let all of us know while standing center of attention. It was hilarious too! We then enjoyed Christmas morning with my family opening gifts. We are very blessed by generous family members. This year was especially great because of the ages Marlee and Ezra are. There are both right around 2 and they interact so cute together. They are very entertaining. If you haven't seen the videos I posted on facebook you should check it out. Here is an overload of pictures mostly of the niece and nephews! 

Max, Mick, Levi and Ezra

Ezra loves his Uncle Race


Just Us

Handsome Drake 

Marlee catching a ride from Ezra

Unwrapping presents!


Playin with new toys

Bulldog Marlee!


Ready for school!

After all the fun at my house we got to go and have more fun
with Race's family. We had a second Christmas morning with them. I love having two families! It makes everything two times better. We then went to church and enjoyed a beautiful Christmas program with singing a narrator solos and testimonies. Their ward has so much talent! It was so great to be able to really focus on the Savior! After that we had a yummy Christmas dinner! We then headed to Grandma and grandpa Warburtons and met up with that family. We had a great time and took lots of family pictures... I'll have to get ahold of some of them because I wasn't going to add my camera to the many that were already taking pictures... But here are a few from Christmas morning....
It's just this big...

Jarom and his mama

Wrapping job courtesy of future doctor Jordan.... 


  Overall everything was so perfect! I love Christmas. We also had some big announcements from my family first Levi and Christine announced at Christmas Eve dinner they are expecting another baby! And then later that night Steve and Vicky announced they are getting married! I'm so so happy for all of them! Our 'big' announcement is we got a dog! We welcomed Dozer into our family! He is a 2 1/2 year old black lab. He is already house trained and an obedient dog. He is so cute and good! It is so nice to have him around and have another living breathing thing to take care of. And he is alert and protective of us, which is awesome! I already love him and we have only had him for 2 days :) Race is loving playing and running with him and training him to be an even better dog and Dozer sure does love him!

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