Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The most Handsome 1 year old nephew!

Ezra Wetzel Roberts turned 1 yesterday! I can't believe how fast time is going. He is so dang cute :) And he is one lucky baby and got to spend his first birthday is Hawaii! I wish I was there too! I'm very grateful to be this little guys aunt!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Boards Boards Boards!!!!

Not to be confused with bored bored bored... this has been my life since about Christmas break I have been studying for my national written boards test, the first of five tests I have to pass to become a hygienist. This test involves a TON of studying... First I paid $350 to attend a boards review class for a weekend, it was totally worth it. We got the review book and that has been my lifeline. I made flashcards from the book and reviewed through the book many times. The test covers everything we have learned in hygiene school since the beginning and even from some of our pre-req classes.
I'm a flashcard studier... thats how I learn writing down things and go over them again and again, needless to say this made for a lot of flashcard making and cramped hands but...
It all paid off! I passed!!!! I had to go take the test a a specific testing center and the closest one was Vegas. It was nice once the test was over but it was the weirdest feeling because I didn't know if I passed or not. After testing for about 5 hours I didn't know what to think or how I thought I did. I just had to play the waiting game which was really hard to do... Everyday I checked the mail and it wasn't there it was such a bummer. But finally two weeks and a day after taking the test I checked the mail and there was the envelope. I was so nervous by the time I opened it and figured out what it said I was shaking really bad. But I PASSED! All the studying was worth it and my flashcards worked for me! My parents sent me these pretty flowers to say congrats, that was a very nice surprise :)
And now on to the other four boards... in about a week I take another computer test that goes towards our clinical score, it's a new test and no one knows what to expect. Then at the end of April I take the anesthesia board including a written test, more studying to come, and a clinical portion and then I have the clinical boards where I find a patient that meets the requirements and I clean their teeth. I've made it this far through hard work and a lot of prayer! So wish me luck and pray for me as I finish up this journey in my life.

Really late Valentine's post...

Obviously it's been awhile since I posted so the next couple of post are of the recent past that I want record of... so first off was our first Valentine's as a married couple. Both of us in the past have hated Valentine's day and never really wanted to make a big deal out of it so we didn't expect nor plan too much. Honestly I didn't expect anything. I just made Race a candy bouquet that turned out pretty cute and it was the thought that counts :)
I went to school that day and came home to this...a kisses

trail going throughout our apartment and leading to meaningful cute little gifts at different spots. I was way surprised a super impressed! I do have a cute romantic husband that shows him self every once in a great while. We've been so busy with school and studying we didn't really make any plans, late that night we went to Chili's and got our favorite chocolate molten cake with our gift card our other favorite thing... saving money! We did go to Vegas the next weekend and went out the Benihana's which was delicious and we both had never been so that was a fun treat! Even though we aren't big into Valentine's day is was still fun to do a little something for each other.