Sunday, June 17, 2012

His and Hers

So we are now a two dog family. We got Dashel about two weeks ago. He actually came from the same family we got Dozer from so they already knew each other.
I love Dozer but he really isn't the best cuddle dog... He tries to cuddle but leaves a blanket of fur on you when he does. So when this opportunity to get Dashel came up it was an easy choice. Race was okay with a little dog because we already had a big dog. It's funny when we take them walking it looks like His and Hers dogs. But seriously having the two different dogs is fun!
Dozer is big, Dashel is little...
Here's a few things we've learned about Dashel so far

  • He's a Yorkshire Terrier better known as a yorkie
  • He's about 10 years old, yes he is an old man but doesn't act like it at all, he has lots of energy!
  • He thinks he's the boss of Dozer, he'll growl at him and of course Dozer is much bigger so he just tramples over him.
  • He is blind in his left eye, hence the funny look of it in the pic above. When the other family had both of the dogs they came home one day to find Dashel's eye hanging from his head... so gross! Most likely Dozer did it.
  • He's pretty funny, we are always laughing at him
  • He is not obedient, but he is little so we just pick him up and make him do what we want, It's nice to have Dozer who is obedient most of the time.    
Dogs are so much fun! Sometimes they are pain but it's worth it. Their personalities entertain us and make life exciting. And it's nice to have extra company around. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wonder Woman's airplane

Notice anything different???

Take a closer look...

Yup that's right I am now a brace face... But seriously how sweet are these? Everyone I have been around so far hasn't even noticed them without me pointing them out. It is so crazy! My awesome dentist that I work for is now doing these braces they are called Simpliclear, or as Dr. Hans Smith calls them "wonder woman's airplane"... I would recommend them to anyone. I just want perfect teeth without looking like I'm 13 in the process, and this is the prefect solution. I still feel like I have braces and it feels completely weird and sometimes drives me crazy, but it will all be worth it!