Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wonder Woman's airplane

Notice anything different???

Take a closer look...

Yup that's right I am now a brace face... But seriously how sweet are these? Everyone I have been around so far hasn't even noticed them without me pointing them out. It is so crazy! My awesome dentist that I work for is now doing these braces they are called Simpliclear, or as Dr. Hans Smith calls them "wonder woman's airplane"... I would recommend them to anyone. I just want perfect teeth without looking like I'm 13 in the process, and this is the prefect solution. I still feel like I have braces and it feels completely weird and sometimes drives me crazy, but it will all be worth it! 


  1. You got braces!? Crazy! Your lucky that you already have a pretty smile but that is awesome that you can now make it perfect.

  2. I would so do that if I could afford it but Scott's dental plan is less than ideal. They only cover $100 per person then 50% beyond. Lame. But if anything ever changes this would be sweet!