Sunday, February 26, 2012

Counting Our Blessings!

     Over the past couple of months we have been extremely blessed, I just wanted to document a few of the biggest ones. First of all I finally got a job that is more then one day a week and that I love. I had been working one day a week and temping other places but nothing was permanent. I had been praying for something to come up that was more permanent and at least three days a week because I'm supporting us while Race goes through school. I had been through interview after interview and come close to getting some other jobs but nothing was really happening. Well through my temping I had temped at an office in Tooele. I knew some of the staff and had shown the doctor that I am a good hygienist. One morning I got a call from him asking if I could temp that day, I couldn't because I had an interview in Draper... He then continued to say that he may be able to offer me three days a week but wasn't positive so I should still go to the other interview. A little bit later I got a text from the doctor asking me a few question. Yes I had an interview through texting... what has technology brought us to?!?! At the end of the questions I got a text saying You're hired start Monday? Having a texting interview was awesome! Well now I work at Hans Smith office in Tooele Monday Wednesday and Thursday. I absolutely love it and am so happy there. Yes I commute from salt lake but it is like 35-40 minutes, it really isn't bad and totally worth it, and I get to see our families more. Prayers have been answered after much pleading with the Lord and I couldn't be more thankful! Also I should be adding another day of work soon which will be perfect.
After a day at the office...
    Getting this job was also perfect timing because my green car decided to die... My 1996 Nissan Sentra is dead to us, yes we probably could have dumped a ton of money into but decided it wasn't worth it at this point. So we headed out car shopping and found an awesome place to work with called Millennium Auto. They are a no pressure place and not your typical sales people. We ended up getting this sweet 2008 Honda Accord with 49000 miles for a rockin deal. I LOVE it! No buyer's remorse here. Every time I get in it it makes me so happy!
Love it!

Goodbye forever green car aka the slimer or loretta. 

   We are officially Honda people now with the civic and accord. The last blessing is the selling of the green car. We put it up on KSL and it was gone within a few hours. We just wanted it gone and didn't have alot of time to deal with it so it worked out perfectly. There are many other things we are grateful for but this is all I'm going to write about. I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is watching over us and answering prayers! Life is awesome!

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  1. I loooooooove my accord! It's an '01 with like 173000 miles on it and it still runs so great. I haven't had any major issues besides the normal tires and brakes and that stuff. They're so great for the commute. So exciting to have a new car!