Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ringing in 2012

     This year we realized we have a tradition for new year's eve. The last couple of years we have gotten together with our high school/life long friends Carly and Erin and their husbands. This year we got to hang out at Carly and Doug's beautiful new home. We spent the night eating homemade pizza and treats, catching up, playing move for the playstation (it's like a wii), playing a fun game called compatibility, and of course we watched the ball drop. Even though we all think it is ridiculously lame each year right before midnight we turn it on and count down... then we continue to watch the performances and make fun of how none of them have talent and it's all about the 'wow' factor and who can dress the weirdest or do the weirdest dance... Lame I know but it's just something we do.  We always have a blast together and this year was no different! Carly and I realized we never take pictures when we get together so this year we actually did. I wish I could get my video to upload... There is a hilarious one of Race and Shelton playing this fighting gladiator game thing on the move playstation and they were so into it... it was hilarious! Too bad I can't share but I'm sure the boys are okay with that.
Us girls, Me, Erin and Carly

First picture of the new year

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  1. Your hair is so cute!! I really love it dark! Congrats on your new job too please write about it and tell me everything! :)