Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas time!

I know this blog is a little late, but better late than never... So it was our first married Christmas and we absolutely loved it. We got a cute little tree for our table at our apartment after a compromise because I wanted a normal sized tree but Race didn't want one.

We had our "Christmas morning" about a week before Cristmas and exchanged gifts to each other, then we headed up north for the holidays with our families.
It makes it so nice to have both of our families in the same town, we got to spend plenty of time with both sides. Some of the highlights were: Our Danish Christmas Eve feast made mostly by Heidi the exchange student from Germany living with my parents for the school year, it was delicious!
We then spent Christmas morning with my family and then the rest of the day with the Warburton's and had another delicious meal and a great time together! We loved giving and receiving gifts we have lots of nice people in our families and ended up with lots of great things. It was lots of fun to have Christine, Levi and baby Ezra around for awhile too! I couldn't resist putting this picture up! He'll be such a great daddy, one day.
(We missed seeing Jake, David, Jana, and Marlee though) We made so many memories with both families and we love them both! We also got to spend some time with our friends too. We went and saw the lights and had great hobo experiences with Jerry and Meagan. And got to spend some nights 'like the old times' with Grant and then for New Year's we spent it with Carly and Doug and Erin and Shelton (so weird that we are all married now!).
We also had our experiences with the snow... I HATE the cold but enjoy a white Christmas... anyway on our drive from St. George to Tooele which usually takes about 4hrs 45min it decided to snow from Beaver to Utah County! The roads were horrible, it was dark and to top it off we took my car so we could get new tires in Tooele because they were bald... so our adventure took about 7hrs. Not my idea of a good car ride... And of course Race went snowboarding while up there. He went with Jerry to the Canyons for the day and about the time I thought they would be leaving to come home I got a call from Race... he started out just talking to me then he was like don't worry... but I got hurt. After leaving me hanging he continued to tell me that he was going way fast and a skier cut him off and he flew over her and he thought he broke his hip! Race has the highest pain tolerance I know, so for him to say that it must have been bad... So to the E.R. we went. He really seemed fine when I saw him, it just killed him to walk. They took x-rays and the doctor was cool he had a huge scar across his neck from breaking it while skiing, and they actually were pretty fast. The doctor came in and told us it wasn't broken! Thank goodness that could of meant surgeries and lots of things that aren't fun and I think worse of all for Race it would have meant no more snowboarding for the season... But we didn't have to do any of that. He really couldn't walk though so they gave him crutches and told him to follow up in a week. Well it's been a week and seriously like two days later he was doing a ton better and now he is walking normally without crutches... it was strange but definitely a good thing!
Now we are back in St. Geezy for ONE more semester! I can't believe I'm so close to being done! And I can't wait to live in Salt lake (besides the cold) and be closer to the majority of the people we know. We both are going to be busy this semester, but it will be good. And just a side note, if anyone knows people in the St. George area with teeth that need a cleaning send them my way!