Sunday, October 16, 2011

The adventure of getting to meet Drake

So to begin the story, my brother Dave and his wife Jana just had a new baby boy Drake Durham Kawika (pronounced kavika) Roberts. It was convenient he was born during the week of our fall break so we figured it would be perfect to go to Vegas to meet this little guy. Well to make a long story short we decided to fly on buddy passes instead of driving. So we get to the airport at 7 am. It got down to the last minute and Race and I were listed last and there was one seat on the plane so we decided to split up thinking I would get on the next flight and everything would be fine. So I sent Race on the plane. Well he got there just fine. I was chillin waiting to get on the next flight and I totally thought I was on cause they had four of us in a line ready to be taken back and at the very last second a guy ran up with his ticket... so I got kicked off. So missed it by one person. Then I tried flying to Ontario and I could ride to Vegas with Jana's dad and sister. Totally thought I was on this flight too, the guy said give it three more minutes and if this person doesn't show up I'm on. There was NO ONE in sight, till about a minute later this lady comes walking around the corner all calm and leisurely like and needless to say she was the one person... so yet again I got bumped by one person! Seriously who gets to their flight 2 minutes before the door is shut, not in a frantic that you are going to miss your flight... This happened over and over, I don't get people! Be early to your flight!!! So then I try the next Vegas flight and I knew I wouldn't get on it, which was true. So then I try the next Vegas flight and again people with paid tickets showed up as they were taking standbys back! grrrr! So then we figured the best bet would be to fly to St. George and then my aunt would get me to Vegas one way or another. So I thought it was going to be fine but like within 45 minutes it did not look good and I was number 11 and there 8 seats open. So the lady told me I could get on the flight to Cedar City that left at the same time... seriously who flies to Cedar City? Oh me after being in the airport for 10 hours I wanted to be ANYWHERE other then SLC. So I got on the flight and 50 minutes later arrived in Cedar City and my favorite aunt picked me and took me to catch a shuttle in St. George and by the skin of our teeth we made it on time. Finally I arrived in Vegas and then it took like 45 minutes to find Race cause that airport where they dropped us off was confusing! But after a long crappy emotional day in the airport I made it to my destination! I was so happy to be there I didn't even care and the whole thing was kinda humorous. Driving would have been faster that time around... But I hate driving. I know lots of people have their 'horrible' standby stories and now I have mine. Needless to say Race got alot of crap from people for 'leaving me' in Salt Lake. But I told him to go cause we had no clue all that would happen and that was his first time flying standby and he would have given up and gone home and never made it to Vegas. Anyway when I got there the hospital visiting hours where over, so I had to sneak in to meet this handsome baby boy...
Made the whole trip totally worth it to be able to hold him :)
He is so sweet and very alert for a newborn. He definitely has Jana's eyes which makes him look like Marlee's sibling, but he didn't get the Roberts' red hair. It was a fun surprise too because Dave and Jana didn't find out the gender, so it was a surprise when we found out it was a boy. We enjoyed our few days there with Dave Jana Marlee and Drake and some of Jana's family. We had alot of fun taking Marlee to the park and hanging out with her. She is so dang cute and fun! We love having nieces and nephews :) Here's some more pictures from the trip...
Marlee loves the swing

hanging with Auntie Aly

Marlee showing us Drake's nose

Sweet baby boy

Love his eyes!

Uncle Race


Strong baby!

Marlee loves her uncle Race