Tuesday, April 26, 2011


     This year my birthday landed on Easter, which it never has even been close to... who decides when Easter is anyway? But that's besides the point, I did have a great birthday this year. It started out with my husband bringing me breakfast in bed (first time I've ever had that, it was so sweet) and then I went to my Aunt Andrea's for an Easter brunch and to celebrate my birthday, we had a good time. Then off to church where Race and I got to speak in sacrament meeting... I know good birthday present right? I like preparing for a talk and studying the gospel and learning a lot, but actually getting in front of people scares me! The 2nd counselor in the bishopric gave us two topics, of course they were the atonement and the crucifixion/resurrection and told us to decide who speaks on what. Race decided he wanted to talk on the atonement (which he did an excellent job!) but he felt bad that he took the 'easier' topic (I don't think either is easier...) so he helped me and gave me tons of ideas on which direction to go and really got my brain flowing and even found an awesome talk to go off of. Anyway, we were told we did a great job... I really do love my Savior and Easter is an awesome season to remember Him. I'm so grateful He is always in my life and has helped my through so much, especially recently with all my school stuff!
The end products...kinda
Before coloring the eggs...
      After church Race and I colored eggs (this is the only thing I have a picture of, it's hard to get lots of pictures of us when we usually are doing everything with just us two). Then we just watched a movie and enjoyed a day of not having to do homework or study! I also got phone calls from my parents and my in-laws and all my siblings, which I always look forward to!
     My parents had sent me money for my birthday so I went shopping and got some great deals and ended up with a lot of stuff! I got earrings, a purse, a dress, a watch and a shirt and I love them all. I also got earrings at the arts festival from my aunt that we went to. My in-laws gave me a nice set of towels, which was much needed, earrings and a necklace And Race always does such a good job shopping for me. He really does listen and I don't even have to hint too hard. Awhile ago I was putting my shoes on that I wear like everyday and I was like wow these really are getting worn out, I didn't think much of it I was just stating a fact. So he got my some very practical  and cute converse, and he also got me a shirt and some cute cargo pants, that aren't jeans because thats all that I owned. He always does so good and I'm glad I don't have to buy my own birthday gifts from him ;) We also went out on Saturday night and got dessert and went to a movie, I love spending time with him, he is a great husband!
    I'm not going to lie, I still love my birthday! I love feeling special and getting lots of birthday wishes and getting to hear from people I love. So it was a successful birthday:)