Monday, September 12, 2011

What's for dinner?

Thanks to pinterest I found this super cute and useful project and now it is so much easier to plan dinners and grocery list!

I made a calender outline w/ribbon on my fridge, I typed up all  the names of recipes I use and put what book they are in and the page#. 
This is the whole fridge, I don't plan for a whole month, but if I wanted to I could. On the bottom is all the recipe cards.

Days of the week.

Two of the recipe cards

The best part is on the back I put the ingredients needed so each shopping trip I decide what we are going to eat then I just flip the card over and I know what I need to buy. ( Sorry for the blurry pic)

Mine isn't as cute as the original idea, but it matches my kitchen and works for us. It makes dinner planning so much easier! It took a little time to type up all the cards but it was so worth it. Now it is even easier to remember what the options are for dinner. This was my first time actually doing something from pinterest, and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come! Here's the link to the blog I got the idea from

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Race has a new wife...and other life happenings

So most guys like blonde or brunette... Race gets to experience being married to both, I went dark again!
I love change! And I love living near Beth :)
And Race's other new wife is HOMEWORK! He started school at the U and has 17 hard credits so he has to study and do homework all the time. But it will be worth it in the end. I'm in school too, I'm getting my Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene and I'm doing a teaching emphasis. It's all online through Dixie, it's time consuming but it will be nice to have a Bachelor's and to get it out of the way now. 

One more thing I wanted to document cause I actually have pictures. Before school started Race and I hiked up to donut falls. It was so beautiful up there and it was fun hiking up the falls. Here's some pics

The reason it is called donut falls... the water fall goes through a hole in the rock.

The fall through the hole

It was so cool under here it was like a little cave
Race went through the freezing cold water to explore the fall
On another note my parents are never going to empty nesters... they always have someone living with them. The newest edition is these 3 cute kids from China. They have been in Tooele for a year and their parents had to go work in another state, so my parents being the very kind people they are invited them into our home :) Life is never dull at the Robert's house and these kids have alot of energy! They are still learning English and are pretty good at it, but they still speak Chinese to each other often... They have awesome personalities and are providing a very good experience for my parents! 

Ting- 19
Speaking of my parents... my dad is running for city council in Tooele, so if you live in Tooele get out and vote in the Primary's on Sept. 13 (one week from today). And check out his blog at  Good luck Dad!