Sunday, November 7, 2010


We've learned that Halloween isn't as fun when you're not a kid or don't have kids... so this Halloween we 'kidnapped' kids to make it more exciting for us. First we took Simaya to our ward trunk or treat. She's a doll and she made a cute wonder women! She doesn't look like she had tons of fun in this picture haha but really she loved it, just a little camera shy :)

And this year Marlee spent her first Halloween in Tooele. she was a cute lady bug! I love my niece and we had fun with five adults taking her trick or treating in downtown Tooele in the rain, poor baby, but that's how Halloween goes in Utah.

This last weekend wasn't as much fun. Race had to go to the Marine Ball but I couldn't go because I spent all weekend in school from 8-5 Friday and Saturday and 8-12 Sunday. To become a hygienist one thing you have to do is pass the written national boards. So this weekend was a board review, so we reviewed everything from the past four years... It really wasn't fun but very beneficial. Race didn't want to pay to go to the ball so it turned out he didn't go at all and just spent the night with his buddies. This was our first nights sleeping alone and being apart, I didn't like it but it's preparation for more times to come. I love being married and part of the reason is because I always get to be with Race, so when that isn't possible I'm not a fan.

Also Race's great grandma Jeffs passed away this weekend, she was 97 and an amazing women and lived a healthy and strong life. We love her dearly. One of the best parts of our wedding reception was she was able to come. What a sacrifice for her, but it meant the world to us!