Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free Anberlin concert in the freezing cold... Yes Please!

Anberlin is my all time favorite band. Tonight the had a 'secret surprise' show. All I knew is it was going to be free and in SLC on the 15th... no details were given till Tuesday. The suspense was fun even though it was killing me. I love that I live in Salt Lake for this this reason alone so I could actually go... It was at the Galivan Center outside in the freezing cold. But oh my gosh it was so totally worth it! It was an amazing way to celebrate finishing the semester and the start of Christmas break! Anberlin is seriously so awesome live, even better then they sound on their CD's. I went with one of my besties Kristen and loved EVERY second of it :)
We got so close to the front, it was so much fun!

Kristen and me all bundled!

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